In my role as business consultant, I specialize in messaging and content creation. In addition, I am in strategic partnerships with designers and companies I value and trust; together, we help entrepreneurs and others create brands, content,
and projects that make a positive impact on the world.

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Clarify your purpose

Sometimes it is difficult to put your passion into words. If you can’t express what matters to you, you’re not going to successfully promote a cause, spread a movement, or make a positive impact of any kind. I can help you articulate your story, vision, and mission in laser precise language; and assist you in creating compelling content that helps you influence and improve life on Planet Earth.

Create your platform

The most frustrating thing in the world is having an important message burning inside you, but lacking the practical resources to spread that message far and wide. When you hire me as a consultant, you gain access to a full-service website design and digital marketing team specializing in the integration of multiple platforms. Let me and my business partners handle whatever coding, development, app integration, and tricky back-end “tech” work is required, so that you can build an email list, launch a podcast, offer a course, and even host a virtual community. We will create your platform (or platforms) for you, so that you can focus on delivering your message to the world.

Connect with your people

When you’re working to promote a cause or spread a movement, you don’t want to be the world’s best-kept secret. It’s worthless to have a well-designed website that no one visits, or to offer a life-changing message that gets lost in the nether regions of the internet. Let us expertly leverage SEO strategies, content marketing, and social media ad campaigns to drive traffic straight to you. We can connect you with your kind of people, the audience that will resonate with your message and join you in influencing the world for good

In my role as business consultant, I help successful entrepreneurs launch and develop brands and projects that make a positive impact.

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Ben Newman
"Vaughn leads and coaches with passion and intention fueled by his belief in God and all God provides for us. If YOU have a chance to work with Vaughn, don't hesitate. Take action. Be ready to WIN in all areas of life."
Top Performance Coach and #1 WSJ Bestselling Author of UNCOMMON Leadership

Why I Can Help You


I have been a content creator for 7-figure brands


I am an experienced and versatile copywriter


I am an trained as a StoryBrand Certified Guide


I have coached multiple entrepreneurs, assisting them in the development of their business and personal brand


I have served as ghost writer, co-writer, or collaborator on multiple business and success books


I have a dedicated team that provides all the services of a full scale digital marketing agency

Services My Team & I Offer

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Crafting your brand story

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Clarifying your business's vision and identifying your brand’s value propositions

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Designing/Developing Your Website

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Assistance in content creation

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Integrating Relevant Apps and Services

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Developing a virtual community

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Developing A Podcast or Digital Channel

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App Design & Development

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