It's time to create SOMETHING GOOD.

As a former pastor turned performance coach and business consultant, I help entrepreneurs (and everyone else) create habits, routines, and systems for a good life; and profitable projects that are good for the world.

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Vaughn Kohler


I believe you are called to make the most of your life – so your daily performance and productivity matters! The more you "get good" at whatever you choose to do, the more good you'll be able to do! As a coach, I help you craft a purpose statement for your life, develop an identity statement that reflects who you want to become, and set long-term priorities for what you want to experience and accomplish before you die. In addition, I help you develop critical habits, routines, and systems that will empower you to pursue meaningful goals, and follow a plan to achieve those goals - so that you can experience a good life...and create the life you were meant to live.

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I am excited about helping entrepreneurs and others elevate their success so they can use their wealth to bring more truth, goodness, and beauty into the world - especially their own local community. As a content marketing consultant, my expertise is on the creation of the content itself. I have helped numerous men and women create everything from keynotes and podcasts to video courses and full length books - even a series of children's books! While my expertise is on the written word, my team is comprised of elite-level creatives and marketing experts. Working together, we can create your content and send it out to the world!



I am a former Baptist pastor who joined the Catholic Church in 2011. My spiritual heroes tend to be people like Saint Philip Neri, Flannery O'Connor, and Rich Mullins, holy men and women who were known for being tenderhearted, humorous, creative, and down-to-Earth. Lately, I have cultivated a devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which emphasizes God's mercy and compassion to people who are broken, hurting, struggling with their own personal demons. From my podcast episodes and keynotes to my book(s) and courses, my purpose is to use my creative gifts to help others be a force for good in the world. I want them to truly believe that, in spite of all the darkness in the world, life is good because God is good.

My client, Dr. Alex Spinoso, is a medical entrepreneur who has scaled several businesses to 8-figures or more. A married man with triplets, he is passionate about mentoring others in his field.
My client, Lisa Kortekaas, is launching her performance coaching career in January 2024. A wife , mother, and fitness enthusiast, she and I share a commitment to integrating faith and personal development; and she is especially passionate about helping young people fulfill their potential.
Launching January 2024
My client, James Meehan, is the CEO of Elevated Education, an 8-figure company that powerfully impacts the lives of young people by founding effective and afforable charter schools in Arizona and elsewhere.
My client, Brad St. Louis, played for the NFL’s Cincinnatti Bengals for ten years; during that time, he came to faith in Jesus and now serves as a performance coach, health and fitness consultant, and speaker. He is passionate about men taking ownership of every area of their lives - from faith to fitness.

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The Vaughn Kohler Podcast

My life purpose is "to embrace and explore my creativity and help others create the life God meant them to live." I'm a former pastor who was called by God into the world of entrepreneurship and personal development.
In my podcast, I tell stories, deliver messages,
and engage in lively conversations with my friends and heroes.

Whether I'm unpacking and applying a story from the Gospels, quoting a line from an 80s romantic comedy, or discussing my love for art and literature, I always have one goal in mind: to help you pursue your God-given potential; not just for your own gain, but for the glory of God and the good of the world.


About Me

Hi, I’m Vaughn Kohler.

Thanks for visiting my website. Peace to you!

We all have a desire to become who we are meant to be and do what it is we were put on this Earth to do!


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Vaughn Kohler
Vaughn Kohler

Performance coaching for entrepreneurs, influencers, and everyone

Since I work primarily with those who are spiritually-minded (though I will never turn away any person of good will), my coaching focuses on two priorities: going deeper in your relationship with God and going hard after your goals. By integrating the principles of my book Sacred Drive with the outstanding principles and practices of the Relentless Solution Focus™ mindset, I help you elevate your performance, go hard after your goals, and pursue your passions - so you can create the life you were meant to live.

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"Vaughn has a brilliant mind and an exceptional ability to convey a message like nobody I've ever met in my life. His genius is only exceeded by his beautiful spirit and his heart to serve."
Global Entrepreneur, NYT Best-Selling Author, and Host of The Ed Mylett Show
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