Hi, I'm Vaughn Kohler

Thanks for visiting my website. Peace to you!

If you are like most people, you do have passions you want to pursue.

You have goals you want to achieve.

You have a life that you want to create for yourself...

...a life of significance you want to experience...

...a life you want to love!

But maybe you've wrestled with these questions:

"How do I really clarify my purpose in life - the God-given reason I was put on this Earth?"
“How do develop habits and systematically set and achieve goals that will bring me greater personal satisfaction, professional success, and enjoyment in my life?
“How can I overcome my hangups - apathy, uncertainty, and anxiety - to live with peace, confidence, and enthusiasm?

If you’ve ever seriously asked yourself those questions, I think I can help you.

By God's grace, my life has uniquely prepared me to help you.

For ten years, I served as a pastor; helping men and women through the ups and downs of their lives. I did my best to help them stay close to God through tragedies and triumphs, through the best times and worst trials.

It was a triumphant privilege to serve those people; but in 2012, I felt God leading me in a different direction.

Originally, I had planned to become a college professor and teach writing and public speaking. I wanted to help people find their voice and express their unique message to the world. I did that for a year.

But then my life took an unexpected turn - a surprising, but life-changing turn of events!

In 2013, I met a fire-breathing, entrepreneurial and personal development/motivational genius named Andy Frisella. For the next six years, I served as the co-host of his #1 rated business and success podcast in the world.

Along the way, I learned the business and success principles - and put them into practice myself!

That's when I started taking off as a person.

Among other things, I helped him create 7-figure products and services—everything from a set of children’s books to an elite network of entrepreneurs dedicated to scaling their businesses to 9-figures, maximizing their full potential, and making a powerful impact on the world.

Over the years, I've also developed my skills as a writer; and for the last five years, I've helped outstanding men and women share their thoughts and ideas in blog posts, articles, and books.

I really enjoy listening, asking questions, helping people express what's inside them - in order to gain a better understanding of who they are, who they want to become, the life they want to live, and the impact they want to make!

I like helping others do that...because doing it myself is so personally satisfying for me!

In February 2021, I published my book Sacred Drive: Biblical Principles for Pursuing Your God-Given Potential, which one Amazon reviewer referred to as “an excellent spiritual guide for high achievers.”

Which, by the way, you can pick up a copy here: 😉


...even though I am still very much a work in progress, I am becoming the man I know I was meant to be...

...and I have started creating the life I was meant to live!

My purpose is "to embrace and explore my creativity and help others create the life they were meant to live."

To that end...

I have become an author, speaker, personal brand consultant, and successful 6-figure coach.

I get to work closely with everyone from personal trainers and solar sales reps to millionaires and billionaires; and once again, I'm on a podcast that gives me a great platform to impact countless lives.

I love the life I've worked hard to create!

But my favorite thing - the thing that really energizes me and puts me in a "flow state" (to borrow Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's phrase) - is to help others come alive! 

(I also love arena rock, college basketball, 80s romantic comedies, reading books about writing instead of actually writing, doing squats, and hot tamales...but I digress!)

The point is...

I want to help you embrace the mindset you need to fearlessly and enthusiastically pursue your passion.

I want to help you learn the tools you need to go hard after your goals.

I want to help you develop and practice the habits that - moment by moment, day by day - will produce results in your life, lead to progress...

....and move you closer to the life you want to live....

...the life you are meant to live!

Is that what you want?

That’s what my coaching, consulting, and content is all about.

If that interests and excites you, I invite you to check out my content, contact me, and connect with me.

By the way, I live in Manhattan, Kansas, where my family and I attend St. Isidore’s Catholic Church. My wife, Kasia, and I have four beautiful daughters and one amazing son with special needs; and we enjoy living in the greatest college town on the planet.