Hi, I'm Vaughn Kohler

Thanks for visiting my website. Peace to you!

Hi, I’m Vaughn Kohler.

I am a unique coach.

I think winning is worthless; if, in the process, you lose what matters most to you: God, love, family, friendships, making a positive impact, and the simple but infinitely valuable things that make your life enjoyable.

Are you someone who works hard to succeed? As you pursue your goals, what are the potential losses you worry about?

Do you ever feel like you might lose focus with so much to do? How can you be sure you'll stick to the most important goals that will bring you success and happiness?

Maybe you're scared of losing confidence. Many successful people experience self-doubt and “imposter syndrome” and feel like they don't deserve their success. Science says confidence is the key factor influencing performance.

Or is it losing what's most important to you? The core of who we are is our relationships with God, family, and friends. What will happen if you lose connection with what matters most to you?

If you do that, will you really be fulfilled in life – no matter how much wealth or “success” you experience?

Jesus of Nazareth once asked, "What good is it to gain the world, but lose your soul?" In other words, it doesn't matter if you win big if you lose who you are – who God meant you to be - along the way.

I think I can help you.

"How do I really clarify my purpose in life - the God-given reason I was put on this Earth?"
“How do develop habits and systematically set and achieve goals that will bring me greater personal satisfaction, professional success, and enjoyment in my life?
“How can I overcome my hangups - apathy, uncertainty, and anxiety - to live with peace, confidence, and enthusiasm?

For three years, I've been a coach, helping people like you go after their goals, gain confidence, and get closer to God and loved ones. I've worked with all types; from construction company owners and former NFL players, providing guidance and support.

I learned a lot from working with a billionaire and co-hosting a top business and success podcast. I helped create a community to help entrepreneurs scale their businesses to 7-figures or more, pursue peak performance, and make a positive impact on the world.

I know the challenges high performers face, like feeling alone, distracted, anxious, and dealing with self-doubt.

A big change in my career happened when I read a book called Relentless Solution Focus by Drs. Jason Selk and Ellen Reed. It was so helpful that I hired Dr. Reed as my coach and integrated it into my own approach. Now, I use their scientifically-proven plan to help people cast a vision for their life, craft a purpose statement, set goals, stay focused, and act with confidence.

I used to be a pastor and wrote a book called Sacred Drive, which is about how to be a high performer, not just for your own gain, but for God's glory and the good of the world. What matters to me is helping make sure people don’t lose what matters most to them: their relationship with God, their spouse, their family, friends, and their connection to their church and community.

In short...

I want to help you stay focused on your most important goal(s).

I want to help you cultivate more confidence, overcoming self-doubt and “imposter syndrome,” as well as all the other fears that attack high performing men and women.

I want to help you stay faithful and true to what matters most to you: God, family, friends, and community.

If you want to win at life without losing yourself in the process, apply today. Let's see if we can work together.

I live in Manhattan, Kansas, with my wife, four daughters, a son, and a turtle.

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