About Me

Hi, I’m Vaughn Kohler. 

Thanks for visiting my website. Peace to you!

So…you’re a faith-driven entrepreneur (or another kind of influencer and overachiever) who wants to pursue your potential and make the most of your life?

I do, too! 

But have you ever asked yourself these questions?

“How do I crush my goals and still stay close to God?”

“How do I build my brand and elevate my influence…but do it for the glory of God and the good of the world?”

“How can I build meaningful friendship and establish profitable connections with others who share my faith and core values?”

If you’ve ever seriously asked yourself those questions, I think I can help you.

If you’ve ever seriously asked yourself those questions, I think I can help you.

By God’s grace, my life experience has been a unique combination of faith and entrepreneurship, pastoral ministry and personal development.

From 2013-2019, I served as the co-host of the #1 rated business and success podcast in the world. I helped an incredibly successful, multi-millionaire entrepreneur create 7-figure products and services—everything from a set of children’s books to an elite network of entrepreneurs dedicated to scaling their businesses to 9-figures, maximizing their full potential, and making a powerful impact on the world.

I’ve also started my own marketing agency and serve as a full-time development consultant, cultivating relationships with wealthy and generous men and women, and securing large donations for a faith-based non-profit organization.

I love entrepreneurship!

But I also understand that while the pursuit of excellence and success in business—which often includes wealth and power—can be a good and noble pursuit, it does come with challenges and temptations.

As a former Baptist pastor for nearly a decade, I offered men and women spiritual support and guidance through the ups and downs of their lives, and helped them live on a deeper, more meaningful level. 

In 2011, I entered the Catholic Church; and since that time, I have been active in writing, speaking, and serving my local parish. 

In February 2021, I published my book Sacred Drive: Biblical Principles for Pursuing Your God-Given Potential, which one Amazon reviewer referred to as “an excellent biblical guide for achievers.” 

So…like I said…my life and experience (and my calling from God!) consistently combines faith and entrepreneurship…

…pastoral ministry and personal development…

…spirituality and success!

Bottom line: even though I am no longer in full-time pastoral ministry, I consider it my calling to help faith-driven entrepreneurs (and others!) stay strong in faith through good times and bad; whether they are on a winning streak or are at the bottom of the conference; when a deal goes bust or when they are billionaires!

Specifically, I feel called to help driven and ambitious people from all walks of life maintain and develop a strong and vibrant spiritual life…

..and to pursue their God-given potential; not just for their own gain, but for the glory of God and the good of the world.

I want you to crush your goals and stay close to God…to be productive for the Prince of Peace!

I want you to build your brand and elevate your influence…for the King of Kings!

I want you to connect with other faith-driven entrepreneurs…and work together with other “missionaries to the marketplace.” 

Is this what you want, too?

I’d be honored to help you.

That’s what my coaching, consulting, and content is all about.

If that interests and excites you, I invite you to contact me and connect with me.

By the way, I live in Manhattan, Kansas, where my family and I attend St. Isidore’s Catholic Church. 

My wife, Kasia, and I have four beautiful daughters and one amazing son; and we enjoy living in the greatest college town on the planet.

Be God’s and Be Great,


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