Performance Coaching for Entrepreneurs, Influencers,
and Everyone Else

Since I work primarily with entrepreneurs and influencers who are spiritually-minded (though I will never turn away any person of good will), my coaching focuses on two priorities: going deeper in your relationship with God and going hard after your goals.

By integrating the principles of my book Sacred Drive with the outstanding principles and practices of the Relentless Solution Focus™ mindset, I help you pursue your God-given potential and passions; to create the life you want, the life you were meant to live!


I help you articulate your vision for your life, your unique mission, your chosen identity, and your most important priorities. I want to help you overcome uncertainty and anxiety and move forward with confidence and enthusiasm.


I help you pinpoint your interests, identify meaningful goals, impose a structure, establish a routine, and identify the daily habits that will help you go after what you want - whether that is a personal passion or professional accomplishment.


I help you overcome apathy, clarify confusion, and power through moments of discouragement and self doubt. It is my honor, privilege, and passion to help you become who you are meant to be and do what you are meant to do!

Are you pursuing your passion, going hard after your goals, and moving closer to the life you were meant to live?

Whether you are a doctor, athlete, real estate agent, artist, single dad, or stay-at-home mom, I know that you are man or woman who wants to experience happiness and success...
. live a life of significance, a life that you love!

Deep in your heart, you know who you are capable of becoming.

Deep in your soul, you know there is something significant you were put on this Earth to do.

The problem is that pursuing your passions...

...going hard after your goals...

...and creating the life you want to live, the life you were meant to live...


Listen, I get it.

In the past, I have let lack of discipline derail me.

I have let self-doubt discourage me.

I have let my penchant for procrastination delay deeply satisfying experiences of growth, goal-getting, and greatness.

Here's the thing:

As a former pastor, I offered men and women support and guidance through the ups and downs of their lives...

...and I helped them live on a deeper, more meaningful level.

On some level, I did provide value.

But after I left the pastorate, my overwhelming emotion was....regret.

My overwhelming thought was...

"had I any real focus, discipline, and determination, I could have done a much better job."

"I could have influenced more lives."

"I could have made a much bigger impact."

My overwhelming sentiment was...

"What might have been!"

Do you resonate with this?

Is there any area of life that you experience...



and a sense that you are missing the mark on who you are supposed to be...

...or missing out on what you are supposed to do on this Earth...

...personally or professionally?

My coaching is for anyone who has...

a passion they want to pursue...

a goal they want to achieve...

a life they want to create...

But, for whatever reason, feels...





It is for anyone who wants some guidance, accountability, and encouragement.

You could be a luxury real estate agent who wants to pursue a career as an artist (like my friend Cyn)...

You could be a guy who runs a full-service web agency who wants to start a business making custom pens (like my client John)...

You could be a wife and mom who wants to build a nutritional supplement company around the protein bar she created (like my client Brooke)...

You could be a construction estimator who wants to start a consulting firm to help contractors gain, train, and retrain the highest quality employees (like my client James)...

No matter who you are...

I understand what it feels like to be dissatisfied with where you are at in life...

to desperately want to pursue your passion...

...and to be determined to achieve your goals and dreams!

Trust me, I can help you.

After I left ministry, things changed.

In 2013, I met a fire-breathing, entrepreneurial and personal development/motivational genius named Andy Frisella. For the next six years, I served as the co-host of his #1 rated business and success podcast in the world.

Along the way, I learned the business and success principles - and put them into practice myself!

That's when I started taking off as a person.

Among other things, I helped him create 7-figure products and services—everything from a set of children’s books to an elite network of entrepreneurs dedicated to scaling their businesses to 9-figures, maximizing their full potential, and making a powerful impact on the world.

I also developed my skills as a writer; and for the last five years, I've helped outstanding men and women share their thoughts and ideas in blog posts, articles, and books.

As a coach and a man, I know how to ask questions, listen well, and help people better express what’s inside of them.


...even though I am still very much a work in progress, I am becoming the man I know I was meant to be...

...and I have started creating the life I was meant to live!

My purpose is "to embrace and explore my creativity and help others create the life they were meant to live."

To that end...

I have become an author, speaker, personal brand consultant, and successful 6-figure coach.

I get to work closely with everyone from personal trainers and solar sales reps to millionaires and billionaires; and once again, I'm on a podcast that gives me a great platform to impact countless lives.

I love the life I've worked hard to create!

But my favorite thing - the thing that really energizes me and puts me in a flow state - is to help others come alive! 

I want to help you embrace the mindset you need to fearlessly and enthusiastically pursue your passion.

I want to help you learn the tools you need to go hard after your goals.

I want to help you develop and practice the habits that - moment by moment, day by day - will produce results in your life, lead to progress...

....and move you closer to the life you want to live....

...the life you are meant to live!

Is that what you want?

Like I said: I believe I can help you.

In fact, it is my honor, privilege and passion to help people like you!

Do you want me as a performance coach?

Scroll down.

Apply today.

Let's talk through your passions, goals, and desire for your life.

If we're a good fit for one another...


Cyn Silva
“Through Vaughn’s encouragement and positive guidance, I was able to break through any barriers holding me back from pursuing my passion, creating art.  Vaughn’s brilliant ideas and encouragement are always uplifting, and he enjoys helping people with their skillset and passion for what they wish to pursue in their future.”
Cyn Silva, Luxury Real Estate Agent and Artist
Vaughn Kohler

What I offer is unique. It’s not typical, traditional performance coaching.

I am specifically seeking to integrate personal development (setting and achieving your goals), spirituality (going deeper in your relationship with God), and principles of creativity and storytelling (to help you better understand the person you want to become and the life you want to make for yourself).

I have worn a number of hats over the years: pastor, creative writing instructor, ghost writer, author, podcast co-host, and marketing consultant...and now I'm combining my love for God, personal development, entrepreneurship, storytelling, and creativity to be the best, most unique coach I can possibly be!

I'm excited about the possibility of working with you. But you need to understand this: I am a coach. I am not a trained counselor, psychologist, or mental health professional; nor can I refer you to one. If you have clinical issues, you will have to look elsewhere for help.


What you get when you sign up for one-on-one coaching:

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    Two 60-minute session per month

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    Regular access to me through text or phone; in addition, I do my best to leverage my network for your personal and professional benefit

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    A signed copy of my book, Sacred Drive: Biblical Principles for Pursuing Your God-Given Potential


What you can expect from the coaching sessions:

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    I will help you reflect on - and express - your own life story in a way that assists you in creating a vision and mission for your life; specifically looking for key moments and repeated themes that will provide insight into who you are, who you want to become, and what kind of life will provide the greatest sense of peace, fulfillment, and significance

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    I can help you evaluate and embrace your spiritual life, providing insights and encouragement to help you pursue your God-given potential in every area of your life. I will also encourage you to pursue a deeper sense of the divine in your everyday life; to integrate your faith in God into your daily activities at work, as well as the vision you have for building a business, creating wealth, and impacting the world for good. (Fun fact: I have been known to use scenes from romantic comedies or lyrics from 80s arena rock songs to illustrate spiritual principles in a way people can understand!)

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    I will provide specific guidance and accountability with regard to identifying and pursuing your personal passions or achieving your professional or physical goals.
    I will help you create a purpose statement for your life, determine long-term priorities, craft an identity statement, set short terms goals, and identify the daily habits that will help you become who you are meant to be and do what you were put on this Earth to do.

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    I will come alongside you when you experience challenges or crises; I will help you focus on progress, not perfection; and I will help you shift away from "problem-centric thinking" to embrace a "relentless solution focus."

What People Are Saying

Five Stars
"Vaughn leads and coaches with passion and intention.
If you have the chance to work with him, don't hesitate.
Get ready to win in every area of your life!""
Top performance coach and



Should we agree to work together, I would like you to commit to at least four months - as we will need time to build our relationship and formulate the best plan for helping you. (I will not require 4 months payment at once. This will be on an honor system. I will take you at your word.)

The next step is to complete and submit this online application form.

Once you do, please allow 7-10 business days for me to respond.

Also, please understand that I want to fully invest myself in my clients; therefore, I am only accepting a limited number of men and women at this time; so you may be placed on a waiting list.

I do appreciate you taking the time to apply, and I look forward to the possibility of working together!